Review policy

Thank you for your interest in my blog, and for considering me to review your books!

I am happy to hear from authors, publishers and blog tour organisers, but would respectfully ask the following:

  • Please can initial contact be made via my contact page, and not via social media (I’ll only forget all about it otherwise)!
  • This blog is a hobby and is fitted around full-time work. This unfortunately means that there will be occasions when I am unable to respond to requests. Therefore, if I have not been in contact after one week, please assume that I am unable to review your book at this time.
  • For the same reason, I cannot guarantee a timeframe for a review unless a date is specifically agreed.

I am happy to accept hardback, paperback, mobi or other kindle files. Please, no Word documents or audiobooks. I live in the UK, so please also take this into account when contacting me or sending physical copies of books.

My interests

My favourite genres are crime fiction (this includes mystery, thrillers/action, police procedurals and legal thrillers) and psychological thrillers. I will also consider true crime and biographies/memoirs. I am prepared to give most other genres a try at least once, however, please do not send me anything from the following categories:

  • Women’s fiction (I’m a middle-aged man, after all)
  • Romance (for the same reason)!
  • Science fiction, or poetry (they’re just not my thing)!

My reviews

My reviews are my own honest and personal opinions. I will share both positive and critical reviews as I believe it is only fair that potential readers / purchasers of any book should see all reviewers’ thoughts, and not only those that are positive. However, I will do my best to ensure that any criticisms made are constructive and would NEVER set out to willingly upset an author – therefore in the event that you have an issue with any comment I have made in a review, please get in touch and I will do my best to find a solution. Please also remember that ultimately, as I have said elsewhere, I’m a real-life nobody with a big virtual mouth!

All of my reviews will be posted on this blog and shared on Goodreads, Amazon, Netgalley or Booksirens (if applicable) and several book-related Facebook groups of which I am a member. If you would like the review to be shared anywhere else, please ask.

The ratings used on this blog are of course subjective, however, as a general guide they indicate the following:

  • ★★★★★: I thought this book was amazing and I loved it
  • ★★★★: I really liked this book, but there were just a few small niggles or one slightly larger issue that prevented a maximum rating
  • ★★★: I liked certain aspects, but either the book as a whole or a large part of it didn’t quite work for me
  • ★: The book was fundamentally disappointing for me in at least one way
  • ★: I really didn’t enjoy the book, to the extent that I struggled to finish (this is rare)!

If I am unable to finish a book for any reason I will not leave a review, because I believe that to do so without having read all of the book is unfair to the author. I will however contact the author or publisher privately to explain why.

And finally …

I am happy for authors and publishers to share quotes from my reviews, however, can these please be attributed to ‘My Cosy Book Nook’.

I do not ask for, nor receive payment of any kind for a review.

And finally finally … !

I would also be delighted to host author Q&As on my Drinks and Chats with … page, so please get in touch if this is of interest!

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sam (aka My Cosy Book Nook)

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